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Rare German WWII Luftwaffe RLM (Reichsluftfahrtministerium) NCO's Greatcoat, Named Featured

German WWII Luftwaffe greatcoat.  This one MINT, and is tailor made for this NCO.  Officers quality greatcoat, fine twill wool with full silk liner.  Greatcoat has Silver pebbled buttons with solid backs "A" Assmann marked, a few look to be replaced.  Full length greatcoat the coat has sew-in shoulderboards for an NCO in the Luftwaffe, these boards have Silver LW tress and a single pip to each for the rank of Feldwebel.  They are Black piped, and based on the year of the tag (1937) its for the RLM, or the  Reichsluftfahrtministerium.  Very rare and hard to find anything in Black piping for the Luftwaffe.  Black was also used later on for Construction troops.  Full Gray silk liner has two dagger or sword hangers which is unique.  One of the hangers is inserted into the liner and has the Chromed hook, the other is the Dagger "D" ring sewn into the pocket flap, whats also unique is the leather used for each hanger is the same Blue/Gray leather you see on sword hangers.  Last, this greatcoat is named.  There is a tailors tag in the neck and matching name tag in the inner pocket.  The tag has his rank and is dated 37.  Excellent condition and shows little if any use and has no mothing I can find.  Rare and you most likely wont find another!


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