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German Army (HEER) UNIQUE Photo Album

German WWII Army photo album.  This ones very unique.  First it measures 13.5 long by 9.5 inches tall.  WELL laid out and each photo is captioned!  Starts out in Poland, then several photos for Norway and then Oslo.  Lots of vehicles photos, staff cars etc.  Lots of pre-war shots throught Germany, training, with friends etc.  A nice motorcycle photo.  Barracks photos of paintings on the walls, with friends as well.  Then photos dated 1940 marching.  Back to Olso with staff cars.  Some great Winter shots with the staff cars, on a ferry and down the Fjords.  Then, what makes this unique are the remaining shots.  Many photos taken of what appears to Barracks walls with many paintings.  All are described and all are well done.  I have not seen these types photos before in an album.  Last are large shots of dinners with troops, and officers.  Shots in Dresden then the last page says Italy, but the photo is missing.   This is a one-of-a-kind album!  105 total photos.


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