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German WWII Water Protection Police Greatcoat

German WWII Water Protection Police greatcoat.  This greatcoat is in excellent condition and is very rare.  Standard Kreigsmarine style greatcoat worn by the Wasserschtuze Polizei.  Dark Blue wool, has the Gilt KM buttons to the coat.  On the back are the flaps and Gilt KM buttons.  The shoulderboards are for an NCO in the Water Protection Police.   Yellow base with a Yellow and Silver cord weave.  On the sleeve is the Yellow tress stripe which indicates less then 12 years service.  Early Machined embroidered eagle to the sleeve.  Full Black liner has dagger hangers in the inside pocket.  This is a very rare greatcoat and seldom seen in any collection.  No damage and no mothing.  Shows little use.  Near mint condition!

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