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German WWII Issue SA Greatcoat with Cufftitle

German WWII Issue Mint condition SA Greatcoat for a Oberscharfuhrer of SA Standarte 18.  This coat is MINT and very rare.  SA Brown wool issue greatcoat, has all matching silver pebbled RZM marked buttons.  Brown SA collar has the wartime issue tabs DarkGreen with white piping, 5/18 chainstiched to one tab and Rank tab has one silver pip.  The shoulderboards are wartime issue for foot troops, Gray based with Brown and silver "V" cord tops and have the RZM tag on them.  Dagger "D" ring inside pocket flap.  Partial Tan cotton liner.  Wartime issue RZM tag to the inner pocket.  On the sleeve is a RARE cufftitle for SA Standarte 18 worn by troops awarded the honor cufftitle "EMIL MULLER".  He was an SA man killed by the Communists in 1926.  Impossible to upgrade this greatcoat, and very rare with the Honor cufftitle.  
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