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German Luftwaffe Photo Album

German WWII Luftwaffe photo album.  Large size measures 13 inches long by 9 inches wide.  Cover has Whermacht eagle in gold on front and writing in corner.  Cloth tassles on end.  212 total photos, some missing.  Enlisted ranks album, with many nice and unique pictures.  Photos showing lots of Luftwaffe uniforms, some wearing White summer visors, men in flight blouses, some officers shots, several photos of airplanes flying.  Marching LW troops, ship photos but these appear to be freighters.  Photos of troops arriving off a ship, unloading etc.  Several shots of maybe a rally or Patry rally with several Swasitka flags.  Lots of photos of him in the field, with friends, in Winter padded uniforms, a few show a command car off the road, and an LW officer in a Leather coat.  Several vehicle shots, command cars, trucks, motorcycles on a road in a column.  Family shots as well.  There's a photo taken in Africa show LW troops in Tropical uniforms, but only one.  In the back is a large color print of his Marriage certifcate and a small cutout from a paper showing his death in 1951.   


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