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German WWII Officers Jackboots

German WWII Officers jackboots.  Black leather these are matching boots, Left and Right.  These boots are in very nice condition ans the leather is soft.  No damage or tears to the leather, just normal wear.  The soles are a dark color, they appear to have been resoles at one time, but not sure when.  The rears are rubber with nails and the fronts are a thin strip of rubber with the iron cleat to the front with nails.  No markings seen on the soles.  The inside is a Brown/Tan leather and is marked with a faint ink stamp at the top with the makers name only its very hard to see or read.  The cloth pulls on each side,  one is torn on one side of one of the boots and the other has both cloth pulls intact.  The measurements are 11 inches total length with a size estimate of 9.5, maybe 10.  Height is 15 inches tall.  All boots are lightly cleaned and then oiled to protect the leather.  These boots are 70+ years old so care is need with them.


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