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German WWII Officers Black Leather Jackboots

German WWII Officers jackboots.  These are a pair, Left and Right and are in nice condition.  These boots are made of a soft lower section and a stiff upper section, there made this way.  Black leather is in very good shape and shows no tears.  The soles are Brown leather with the rear heel irons and the front toe irons, both nailed onto the sole.  No markings seen on the soles.  The insides are a Brown/Tan leather with the cloth pulls on both, there is an extra leather pull with a button hole as well on both boots, one pull is repaired.  No markings inside.  The boot measures 11.25 inches total length, with an estimate of size at 9.5-10.  The height is 17 inches tall.  All boots are cleaned lightly and then oiled to protect the leather.  These boots are over 70+ years old so care must be taken with them.


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