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German Imperial Dragoner Officers Greatcoat

German Imperial Dragoners officers greacoat.  This ones very nice!  The greatcoat is made of top quality Moleskin wool, very smooth and soft.  Cornflower Blue wool with White collar and piping on the cuffs.  Both lapels are also white wool.  Tall standup collar has three hooks.  All buttons appear to match and are a smooth Gold color with solid backs and are marked "EXTRA FEIN".  The shoulderboards are slip-on style and are for teh rank of Hauptmann (Captain), the boards are also Cornflower Blue based.  The coat is heavy and well made.  The liner is made up of a polished LightBlue cotton and is made up of several panels.  There is an inner belt as well.  The Tailors tag inside is for Stuttgart.  A fantastic greatcoat, well made and in excellent shape, no mothing that I can find, no fading, it shows light use.  Its also padded in the chest area.    


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