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German WWII RAD Officers Greatcoat

German WWII RAD Officers greatcoat.  Issue ranks greatcoat has RAD Officers insignia on it.  Brown wool body with a Dark Brown collar.  Buttons are the Proper RAD smooth light pebbled with the backs marked ASSMANN & SOHNE.  It appears one button is misisng on the left side front, but its made that way for the lapels to stay open, its photographed closed. Coat shows light use, and has a small hole front lower, but otherwise its very clean.  Collar Tabs are for an RAD officer, lowest officer rank, Black velvet with Silver bullion wire weave.  On the shoulders the boards are Black velvet based Brown cord tops with silver and Brown "V"s to each.  The liner is a Tan cotton material and is nicely marked inside.  Makers name and size stamps.  This coat also has other stamps on the pocket for re-issue to a different RAD unit.  Except for the small hole front, its very nice and for an officer.  


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