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German WWII Railroad (Reichsbahn) officials visor cap.  Excellent example of a Reichsbahn cap.  DarkBlue wool is a moleskin wool and very fine quality.  Red piped, one or two tiny moth nips to the crown piping.  Black Velvet capband is also Red piped.  Has the proper Reichsbahn Aluminium eagle to the front and the cockade.  Black chincord with side Black buttons.   Black visor is excellent as this cap is UNISSUED and was never worn!  Liner is Oilcloth top with a wide Tan leather sweatband with the owners initials in metal in the leather.  Silver print for the makers name on the oilcloth top section.  A slight stain or sticky something above the maker, this might clean off, cap is in unissued condition!

$400.00 $385.00

German WWII Fire Police overseas cap.  Nice example of an issue Early Fire Police cap.  Dark Blue wool is piped in Violet and has a Black BeVo with white Police eagle machined on the front.  Cap is near mint and has a liner that's Gray cotton in color and is not marked.  Size is about 56-57.  Very nice example.

$400.00 $375.00

German Postal Visor cap.   Most likely pre-war issue, German Postal visor has a Dark Blue wool top with a few moth holes.  Cap has a Black Velvet cap band with Red piping to both top and bottom.  Visor has a Black bill with a Brown checked underlay.  Gilt Small postal eagle with National cockade to front.  Brown wide leather sweatband is in nice shape and not torn.  Fully lined in an off color Orange cloth with the makers name printed on it.  A stain to the Oil cloth top which is light.  On the back side bottom edge the red piping is worn away for about 1-2 inches, Does not stand out badly.  Cap shows use, but is a good starter peice. 

$300.00 $285.00

WWII German Railraod Visor cap.   Railroad officials visor cap, has Blue wool top, Black velvet band with the proper small silver eagle, this eagle appears to be the oiginal for this cap, cockade and Blue and Gold Chin cord.  Side buttons are silver pebbled.  Based on the condition, I believe this cap is unissued or very close to that condition.  There is a Brown sweatband that shows no wear, only light age, same with the inner of the bill which is Brown checkered and shows no use.  The liner has no stains, but the sweatdiamond is broken away from age and only a section is stil there.  The cap has the Reichsbahn stamp and is dated 1940.    The last part is in the liner is the remains of a paper tag from the maker, has the makers name on it, with the new owners name, rank and Station, his name can be read but the rest of the tag is torn, and the tag is unique as its for the new owner!  Cap is unissued but has age to it.   

$370.00 $350.00

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