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German WWII Kriegsmarine helmet.  An extremely rare Kriegsmarine version of the Tropical helmet. This ones a direct vets estate find, and is untouched, never cleaned and never taken apart.
M40 version with stamped vent holes, the helmet has been painted over with tan paint, which is about 70% now, finish is completely original to the helmet. Has a single KM gold decal to one side, only one decal. The three liner rivets are very tight and have never been removed! The chinstrap is also the original and its place on the lip of the helmet is one of a VERY long time, the tan paint underneath the strap is a bit lighter! The strap may be marked, but its not readable. Liner is the original to this helmet and is in good shape a bit dirty, but no damage, no tears andall fingers nice, it even has the Original drawstring in the center! Stamped 55.   I have not lifted to look underneath. Liner is very tight to the shell. You can clearly see the green paint inside.

Shell is stamped on the back center 9806 I believe, and on the side is stamped SE62? its harder to see properly. A very rare KM DAK Tropical helmet!

$2,300.00 $2,100.00

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