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Heres an unissued NSFK enlisted ranks tunic. This ones not been issued, and therefore has no numbers on the right tab. Its very nice, clean, no mothing. Luftwaffe blue/gray wool, open neck cut, four pocket tunic has yellow twist cord piping to the collar, each tab is blank with yellow piping, and a single yellow piped shoulderboard. Alum pebbled buttons all over and the Insignia is for the "Winged man" on the sleeve. It comes with the Party wool armband, its loose, but was found inside the lower pocket. Full gray cotton twill liner, no markings, a nice tunic!


A very rare pair of German WWII Customs Generals rank trousers. These are nice! Straight leg style, they have the Generals stripes up each leg, in the light green for Customs officials.

Very nice, they are of a light weight Stone Gray wool, side buckle and suspender straps at the back. Theres a period expansion section middle of the seat to let the waist on some more. These are VERY RARE to find! The liner is partial, and is marked in several places to a German City group or Theater group, so most likely these were used in a play after the war, no mothing and very nice!


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