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SA Brownshirt

German Pre-war SA Brownshirt.   A really nice original SA Brownshirt.  Tan cotton material, short waist cut has a lower waist White cotton liner, on the back are all the SIlver pebbled belt hooks.  Tunic has all its original Gold smooth buttons and are held on with there original Brass and silver rings.  This is rare as many buttons are replaced and held on with Modern rings.  The collar is Black and White piped, Brown collar tabs number 224 in White chainstiching, the rank tab is Brown with two moth nips, Single gold pip and the rank stripe.  Early Brownshirt, Pre- RZM so no tag.  The shirt is close to mint and the insignia, the collar tabs are HAND SEWN on as they should be, Shoulderboard is also Brown based, matching Black and White piping, the board is poorly handsewn to the shoulder which is also how they normally are, this is a nice original shirt and the way it should be.   




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