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German WWII and Pre-War Photos of Hitler

A small group of single photos, many of Hitler.  All came out of various photo albums,  see below for listings and prices, sold each.

1.  Small photo of Rommel.  2.75X4 inches  Not marked on back  $25

2.  Photo of Hitler and Heril from the RAD  4.5X3.5  Not marked on back  $20

3.  Small photo of Hitler and a HJ youth  2.5X2.5 inches marked on back, writing is small and hard to read, but handwritten as well as studio marked.  $30

4.  Small photo of the Berghoff  early one 3.5X2.5 inches  marked on back, handwritten Haus Wachenfeld  Mai  1935  $35

5.  Photo of Hitler  3.5X4.5 inches  the only marks are pencil marks on the back  $35

6.  Small photo of Hitler leaving and getting into a car, with SS officers, this is an early war pic, 3.5X2.5 inches  Handwritten Juli 1941, cannot read rest but lists a town.  $45

7.  Photo of Htiler and Goering at arifield  3X4.5 inches  Handwritten France 1940, Flugplatz im Westin and more.  $45



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