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Reproduction German WWII Medals

Reproduction German WWII Medals.  See below for listing and prices.  Many came on original tunics we bought.

1.  Bronze close combat clasp  with seperate backing plate  $15

2.  Luftwaffe Ground assault badge numbered 25  well made   $20

3.  Silver Panzer assault badge WELL MADE Aluminum   $25

4.  Bronze panzer assault badge   $15

5.  Luftwaffe Pilots badge  sold as an original   $20

6.  Navy High Seas badge  $25

7.  Navy Submarine badge  WEL  MADE came on an orginal tunic we bought  $25

8.  Iron Cross 1st Class  looks aged, but pin is sidways, mistake when made  $5

9.  Hitler Youth badge  $9

10.  Silver wound badge solid and well made  stamped  $15

11.  Silver wound badge July 20th 1944 solid and stamped  $15

12.  Silver wound badge  solid and stamped on back, sold as an original  $15

13.  Black wound badge, cheap copy  July 20th 1944   $5

14.  Cloth EK1  Well made bullion wire  $15

15.  Cloth  EK1  Well made bullion wire  $12

16.  Gold close combat badge  $10

17.  Well made Mothers cross silver and marked on back  $15



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