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RARE Iron Cross 1813 Medal with Ribbon 1914 Made

German Iron Cross for 1813.  This ones very unique.  Its an 1813 Iron cross 2nd class that was made after 1914.  We spent sometime researching this medal, and what all accept is it was most likely made after 1914, as thats the maker style of the cross for a Veterans flag, most likely to be pinned onto.  Its an original 1914 style Iron cross, and many times these were made well after 1813 for Veterans and later for familys of Veterans.  Well made and well aged, its not marked on the medal or the ring.  The ribbon is very old and shows where it might have been pinned onto something.  Lots of details to the center, the back center is of course, smooth.  Very unique.  Had the style of the medal conformed to 1813 cut, this would be a $2000+ medal.

$500.00 $450.00

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