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SA Unissued Kepi for Ostmark

German SA Kepi.  A hard to find SA Kepi for enlisted ranks, this ones unissued!  Tan twill cotton material with the Rose Pink sides for Ostmark.  Kepi has the SA Silver eagle and a single gold smooth finish button, the button has some tarnish but might clean up some.  Mint SA Brown chincord and Brown side buttons.  Cap was never worn.  Inside, save for being unissued the Brown/Tan sweatband is torn and sections missing, this is from age.  MINT interior has perfect Orange oilcloth top with a stamp that cannot be read and a number which I am not sure what that is.  MINT and perfect Brown RZM tag sewn into the side.  Except for the sweatband, its close to mint and does display perfectly.  Hard to find color.  If the sweatband was mint this would be a $1100+ kepi.  





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