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Unnissued Luftwaffe Ground Crews Mechanics Coveralls for Winter Use

WWII German Unissued Luftwaffe ground crews mechanics coveralls.  These are UNISSUED, and were not worn.  There made from Luftwaffe Blue HBT material cotton and inside is a full winter wool liner.    These are a LARGE size.  Roughly will fit a 6 foot+ frame and since there made to go over the uniform, they are large around the waist and can be adjusted by inner draw strings.    These have the same buttons as used on the Panzer wraps, all there and all are original to the coveralls.  There are adjustment straps at the cuffs and the bottoms of the legs, these are designed to fit over the jackboot and tie.  Single outside pocket.  The inside has the sewn tag with the size marking only II C.  These are really nice and really warm!!!  They show some very very light use to the butt area, maybe someone worn them postwar, but its not easy to see.    These are close to mint and nice!



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