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NSDAP Political Leaders RZM Tagged Brownshirt

German Pre-War NSDAP Leaders brownshirt.  This ones nice.  Political Leaders Brownshirt, in excellent condition.  Lightblue piped for Ortsgruppen level, rank of a Block leader.  The collar tabs are the low rank tabs, also Lightblue piped with the Swastika tape trim.  Shirt has all matching RZM marked Political leaders buttons in Silver.  All the buttons are held on with Brass rings which is proer for this early shirt.  Pebbled belt ramps all along the bottom edge are also Brass.  Cuff buttons are same with a Brass ring holding them together.  The Brownshirt has the rare RZM tag for PL Leaders with the early PL eagle stamped on it, tag is great no damage.  Also inside are the RZM ink stampings in the middle of the back and also on the collar back.  This is a top example of this style Brownshirt.  Its just missing the NSDAP Party armband, which slips on the sleeve, easy to replace!

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