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German WWII Combat Worn Black Leather Jackboots with Hobnails

German WWII Combat Boots.  These are rare, true combat worn Jackboots.  Officers boots are fairly easy to find, but enlisted combat worn boots are rare as they were worn till worn out, officers boots were at home, they had several extra sets etc.  These are Black leather 3/4 tall Jackboots.  The leather is a bit stiff, but not too much.  There are very faint markings inside but cannot read them.  These are a large size which is also rare.  About a size 10US, these have ALL there original hobnails on the front soles and the Horse shoes on the rear, still original to the boots.  Toe irons as well to both.  These are as they were brought back after the war, untouched.  Some leather conditioner would clean them up.  I see boots like these priced $500+  Rare. 




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