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Luftwaffe WWII Summer Flight Helmet LKp N 101 with Throat Mics

German WWII Luftwaffe Flight Helmet.   LKp N 101.  Really nice and clean Summer mesh top Flight helmet.  This ones choice.  Brown mesh top has NO tears, both side leather ear pieces are clean and show light use.  Rear neck fitting has the throat mics two on a snap fitting.  Both mics are maker marked bxo Ln26779-3, the inner white soft lining on the mic strap is nice and intact as many are worn away.  On the rear, is the LONG version of the plug in cable, excellent condition and has the four prong plug on the end.  Inside the lining is excellent.  Both fur ear pieces are mint, and the inner plastic ear covers are NOT broken and are still off-white clear, not a dark yellow as most are.   Great tag inside, and stamp from maker.  You will be hard pressed to find a better one.   



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