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GERMAN Reich Medal 1870-1871 PRUSSIAN FRANCO WAR for Combatant/made from Cannon

German Reich Medal 1870-1871, the Prussian Franco War, awarded to German soldiers who were combatants. The medal measures 1 1/4" in diameter and is shiny brass in color. One side is decorated with the 1870 version of the big Iron Cross, laurel, and the divergence of the light beams. The reverse side is decorated with the pattern of the Coronation crown of Kaiser William I, and the inscription of Kaiser William I to read, “Dem siegreichen Heere” - “The Victorious Army”. The inscription is circled with “Gott war mit uns Ihm sei die Ehre” - “God with us, the glory belongs to the Gods”. Additionally, the outer edge of the medal is engraved with “AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUETZ” - “From the Captured Canons”, making this medal more uncommon. The condition is good. No ribbon.

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