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Ultra Rare SA Medical Officers Tunic Featured

An Ultra-Rare SA Officers tunic.  This ones rare not only because its an SA officers tunic, but its for a Medical Doctor.  The tunic itself is in excellent condition.  Tan twill wool, open neck style cut.  The insignia on the tunic is for the SA during the War.  1939-45 issue, the collar tabs are Blue with Cellon twist cord piping with the right tab blank.  The shoulderboards are Gray based and Cellon cord tops and have the RZM tags underneath.  The rank tab is for a Hauptsturmfuhrer.  The tunic has loops for two medals and a short ribbon bar.  Standard Party wool armband is lightly tacted onto the sleeve.  Below that is a Rare SA Medical insignia.  Hand sewn on, it has the Life rune in silver flatwire.  Bottons are silver pebbled and solid backed, Assman marked and "Extra Fein" with the RZM number.  Tunic has the original to it, ribbon for the War Merit medal.  Liner is a Goldish-Brown cotton and features the dagger hanger and slot.  Inside the inner pocket is the SA RZM Tag.  ALL insignia is original to this tunic.  You will not find another this nice, nor one for Medical.  Very Rare!



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