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RARE German WWII Forestry Generals uniform set Featured

Rare of the rare in German Forestry Uniforms.  A Wartime Forestry generals uniform set.   This is a rare set, and Forestry uniforms are slowly making a come back in the collectors market.  This is a Wartime Forestry generals tunic and hat, the tunic has the later war insignia in Cellon.  Being a collector of the german Forestry service, I can tell you that this is the second Cellon ranked tunic i have sever seen!  Others, and I have a few are all Gold bullion and are dated before the war.  The tunic is a fine quality tailor made piece.  Green forestry wool, open neck tunic has Cellon yellow piped to the collar, and some of the best Cellon woven tabs I have ever seen!  The detail is fantastic!  The shoulderboards are Green velvet based, then a lighter green solid cord top, and Cellon piping to each, all for the rank of GeneralForstmeister.  All buttons are a Gold pebbled finish.  The tunic is green piped all over, cuffs, pockets, lapels.  The tunic is in excellent condition, no  mothing, on the inside lapel there is what looks like three moth nips, but since there at the inside fold, might be light wear, thats it.  The liner is a green silk like material, full liner with inner dagger hanger and "D" ring.  Stripped sleeve liners.  Tunic is not named.  Its very nice!

The hat is the typical Forest cut brim hat, Green felt/wool material, fine quality material has darkergreen piping on the edge and the capband.  Has the "Boars Hair" feather on the side and the German 3D cockade as well.  Has the Gilt Foresty eagle on front, one prong is missing, excellent eagle.  The inside has a brown leather capband and the makers name embosed on it, on both sides.  This cap was made by a famous German hat maker who supplied caps to the forestry service. 

Forestry Generals tunics are extremely rare.  And wartime ones even more so.  This is a rare set to find, and the Brim hat originally came with the tunic as a set to the same man.   The last Generals tunic I saw several years back sold for $4500 and it was an early 30's tunic with Imperial ties, not Third reich.  I doubt you will seen another!

$4,800.00 $4,300.00

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