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Textbook German WWII Forestry Officers Greatcoat Named!

A Textbook German WWII Forestry Officers greatcoat.  This ones in fantastic condition, shows little use and is named as well.  Its in the proper Forestry cut, single button rear belt and Has the darkgreen Plastic style buttons used on Forestry coats.  The collar is the darkgreen, and has the collar tabs on it, green based, silver wire piped and silver bullion leafs and acorns.  Shoulderboards are sewin and are a silvercord top on green based with two gilt pips to each.   The coat has a full silk liner, with the dagger hanger.  Next is the makers tag sew into the liner and inside is the name tag dated 1938 and has the mans name.  This is the best Greatcoat I have seen in a long time, and is in excellent shape!



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