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Hitler's Chief of Staff, OKW GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl's Tunic! Featured

I will start with a brief history for GeneralOberst Alfred JodlBorn 10 May 1890 – Died 16 October 1946, Primarily a staff officer during and after World War I, Jodl served as head of the department of national defense in the war ministry from 1935. A competent staff officer and Hitlers faithful servant to the end, he was named chief of operations of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW; Armed Forces High Command) on August 23, 1939, just before the invasion of Poland. With Wilhelm Keitel , OKW chief of staff, he became a key figure in Hitler’s central military command and was involved in implementing all of Germany’s campaigns except the beginning of the Russia invasion in the second half of 1941. On May 7, 1945, he signed the capitulation of the German armed forces to the western Allies at Reims, France. As chief of operations staff, he had signed many orders for the shooting of hostages and for other acts contrary to international law. He was executed after trial and conviction for war crimes by the International Military Tribunal at Nurmberg.

This tunic was worn by GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl.  It originally came from his wife, Luise Jodl in 1990 and was sold at Auction (see photo of papers).  This was one of two tunics worn by Jodl and sold at auction.  This tunic is believed to have been worn after 1944 per the date in the tag until the wars end.  After the surrender, he wore it for sometime after that, as it has loops under the collar for the Knights cross, Jodl was Awarded the Knight's Cross at wars end in 1945, and there are photos of him in captivity wearing the Knights cross.  This tunic is most likely one of a few he wore after May 1945.  The tunic itself is excellent, no damage and shows light wear.  It has the Normal Generals Gold wire bullion collar tabs, machine sewn on with gold and silver twist cord GeneralOberst shoulderboards also sewn in.  Three silver wash pips to each.    The breast eagle is a fine gilt wire eagle, high relief weave and hand sewn on.  Gold pebbled buttons all matching to the tunic "Extra Fein" stamped to them. 

The tunic features a long set of loops for the ribbon bar.  There is a pair of holes right above the pocket flap for the Golden Party badge, no loops.  The badge in the photos are for viewing only and is not his badge.  Next are several loops for his medals all in a straight line as you see in many wartime photos of him wearing his various tunics.   The wool is a fine quality but light weight twill, with a green liner.  Its has a high stand up collar with three pins for the collar liner.  The tunic is Red piped down each from seam the full length.  The coat has the slot of the dagger hanger to go through but no hanger.  This is seen as not used more towards the end of the war as some officers wore inner dagger belts.  Inside the pocket is a fantastic name tag. Its to a berlin maker, and has the name written in ink and is dated 1944.    A very unique feature to the name tag is the number "3" in red this is a tailor stamp and is seen in very high ranking officials tunic's made at the time. 

The last item to be included with the tunic are three papers.  All three are photo copies, why?  when the group was sent to auction only one set, the originals went with the other tunic.  This tunic and some other items received copies of the paperwork.  The papers discuss the items being given to the Auction house to be sold.  One paper is a letter to Frau Kesselring talking about their husbands.  The last is a personal letter dated 1992 written by Luise Jodl, I have not translated it.

This tunic is a one of a kind.  But as with hos several tunics, there many be one or more of his tunics in private collections around the World.  Each tunic is different as far as I know.  This tunic also comes from the private collection that currently has GFM Keitel's parade tunic in it, its currently in our Web Site Museum.

  This is a very important piece from history and is unique in many ways its History, pure and simple.   Serious inquirys only please.                

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