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Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This is the best way to contact us.


Phone number:  1-636-675-9912  EST.  We are located in Florida, USA.  Please leave a message.   Business hours: 10-5 EST, USA.


GDPR:  General Data Protection Regulation

For our EU (European Union) Customers ONLY, we will be following the rules and regulations set forth in the GDPR affective May 25 2018.  For EU customers ONLY, we will email you a consent form that needs to be filled out and emailed back to us.  Below are the requirements for the GDPR.

The identity and contact details of the organisation behind the data request.  Relics of the Reich, LLC and conact details are on this page.

The purpose of collecting your data and how it will be used.  This information is only for ordering on this web site.  Your information is collected and used for billing and emails to you only, we do not share any information.  

Whether the data will be transfered Internationally.  No, the data is stored with us, and not shared.

The period of which the data will be stored.  We will store the data for 30 days, then it is deleted after the order is completed

The EU individuals right to access, rectify or erase the data.  You have this right within 30 days and will need to contact us by email asking your request.

The EU Individuals right to withdrawal consent at anytime.  Within the 30 days storage, you have the rigft to change consent, after 30 days the information is deleted.

The EU individuals right to lodge a complaint.  Contact us first to see what problem may exist.




Purchasing information for items you have:


We buy all types of WWII German, and WWI German historical items weekly.  These are sometimes called Nazi items, Vet bring back, Third Reich collectables and more.  If you have an item you wish to sell, please email or call us.  Many items we buy are Veteran "Bring back" items from the war.  Some are found in boxes in storage or the attic.  Many belonged to a family member, a Father or Grandfather etc.  Don't be afraid to ask questions!

If you have something please contact us, even if the item is not for sale, we can help to describe what it is, and what its current market value might be for future reference.



Requirements for purchasing/Trading items you have:


1:  First email or call with a description of what you have.  Any backround information on the item is helpful. If an item is a Veteran "bring back" please let us know. If possible, please include a price you are wanting for the item(s). 

2:  Photos will be required for us to see what you have and the condition if the item or items.  Please take clean and clear photos.  Detailed photos are important to have so we can determine exactly what you have.  Please keep the size medium, larger photos at 2.0 or higher are hard to see on one page.

3:  Please include an asking price for the item or items you might wish to sell.  If your asking only for what an item is worth, please tell us up front, were more then happy to give descriptions and values for your reference.

4:  After viewing the photos and description, we will make an offer based on our findings to you.

 If both parties agree on a final price, the next step is as follows:

Please carefully box up the item or items, and ship to our address.  Please insure the item for its value.  Upon arrival, we will inspect the item(s) "in hand" and if the item(s) are as described, payment will be issued in several forms.  Check, Paypal, or wire transfer via your bank.

 Please keep in mind that all items will need to be sent to us before payment can be made for our final inspection.

 If both parties cannot agree on the item(s) and or the price, the item(s) will be sent back to you.  This rarely happens, but some item(s) details cannot be seen in photos alone.  In all our years buying, only a few times have items been not as described,  the majority of the time the agreed price has been payed out to the seller.




We do sometimes trade for items we currently have listed on the site.  Please email with what you are interested in, and what you have for trade.  We cannot promise that a trade will happen based on the items you offer, but we will consider them.  If a Trade deal is reached, please follow the above instructions under Requirements for finishing the Trade deal.




If you are not selling currently, please keep us in mind in the future in case you change your mind!


NOTE:  We also buy reproduction German and American WWII and WWI items as well!  If an item you email us about turns out to be a Postwar fake or reproduction, we will tell you right away.  Many items are thought to be original and are not.  We will do our best to help you out. Please keep in mind we are a retailer and our offer will reflect a slightly lower price then current market.


   Relics of the Reich is one of the top WWII web sites in the World, and

have been in business for over 25 years!  Thanks!


Please Visit The Museum...

In the Museum we will feature many rare and exotic items from the Third Reich.  Many of these will be Relics we have previously sold and include many rare and never before seen items from the Third Reich period 1933-1945.

Click here to visit the Museum.

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